Why we recommend Garaga

It is the best built garage door you can get.

We have noticed that home owners know more and more about garage doors. They come into our showroom and ask for high-quality, stylish and energy-efficient doors. Garaga gives us exactly what they are looking for and more. The insulation and weather-tightness attract the energy-conscious folks. The engineering and flawless craftsmanship gets the men admiring the Garaga door close-up, while the women are really attracted by window designs, the decorative hardware and the multiple color choices that we have on display. More than 25 years in the business has given Garaga the knowledge and experience to produce the best doors, and it shows! This is the very reason I only recommend Garaga to our customers.

Like us, Garaga is a detail-oriented company.

As for Garaga’s Design Center, I always recommend it to homeowners. It’s a fabulous tool that lets you try out different looks for your home. There is such an array of door models to match any home’s architectural style, from a simple ranch, to classic colonial or contemporary. You’ll find a door style that makes a statement. It’s so helpful to experiment with the seemingly limitless combinations, and feel confident about your final choice.

Dave Parent


David Parent, Owner

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